frequently asked questions

How often do I use my products?
Follow directions on the product for optimum benefits. Most products should be used daily excluding masks which are 1-3 times/ week.

How long does each product last?
We have selected packaging to provide a 4-6 week supply for recommended use.

How do I store and handle products?
Botanical skin care is food for the skin. Treat your products as you would care for food. Composition breakdown is natural and happens with or without preservatives. Because we use natural means of preservation, we ask that you keep products out of direct sunlight and away from any source of heat, refrigeration is preferable. Use clean hands when handling your products to avoid contamination. Always replace the lid on jars.

What about shelf life?
Skincare products do not, and should not, last forever they should be used; but storing natural products in a cool place will help extend their life. They can be refrigerated to extend the life of the product and beneficial antioxidant activity as well. If stored properly, our products have a four year shelf life from the date of production. For best results and while botanical compounds are most active, it is recommended that you use the products within the first two years of production date. See lot number on the label, it represents the two-year "best by" date.

no returns or liability will be accepted for inappropriate handling and storing of the products

My skin is very sensitive prone to allergic reactions, will your products cause a reaction?
REAL botanical
skin care products contain essentials oils, nut and seed oils and botanical extracts. If you are prone to have any allergies or reactions please do an allergy patch test before using any products.

What is botanicalbasics
' return policy?
Returns will be accepted for 30 days from purchase date. No returns or liability will be accepted for inappropriate handling and storing of the products. Refunds will not be approved for a return that has less than 75% product remaining. We do not refund shipping charges. You will only be responsible for the return postage.

Returned merchandise will be processed within 2 weeks from the time we receive if for an exchange, credit, or refund. Any return must include the original packing slip. Credit card refunds will require 2 billing cycles. Please contact Customer Service for instructions for the return procedure.

Can I calculate my shipping costs before I make an order?

Our system will calculate postage by weight once products are placed in the shopping cart. Select estimate shipping charges in the shopping cart page to see what your total will be. Upon checkout, you will see your shipping options and actual charges. For a limited time, orders of $75 or more ship for free! Simply select free shipping and your order will be sent via USPS priority.

How do I find out the status of an order that I have placed?

Your order will be processed within four days of receipt. Shipping can take 3-5 business days, you will receive an email confirmation.

Do you offer tracking for orders?
Yes. USPS provides a reliable tracking system.

How do I purchase or redeem gift certificate?
Click on the Products link from the homepage and select gift ideas in the category listing on the left side of the screen. Once you select gift certificates, you can choose the amount you would like and to whom you wish to receive. The gift certificate will be automatically emailed to the recipient with a message from you, or we will ship a physical gift certificate to the recipient upon request.

Do you offer gift wrap upon request?
Yes, this is a free service! Just fill in the note section with what you would like written on the note card. We will send your order in our lovely gift bag with tissue paper and your message. Be sure the shipping info matches the person you wish to receive the product.

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